JUICE Mobile Launches Mobile Real-Time Bidding Platform, Canadian First

Toronto-based JUICE Mobile has pulled off the wrapping on a mobile specific real-time bidding (RTB) platform today. With RTB being a hot area within the digital space, JUICE has decided to focus on a niche are, mobile, which is a growing space.

“Online RTB has gained significant traction in the US and continues to grow rapidly in Canada. Our clients have been asking us for a mobile RTB platform that addresses the mobile shortcomings of online RTB engines while providing more scale, targeting and bidding than traditional mobile ad networks. We are excited to provide them with this amazing new product,” said Neil Sweeney, JUICE Mobile’s president and CEO. “

With their new RTB solution, JUICE Mobile will be able to offer its clients based custom development, rich media, premium impressions, video, analytics and m-commerce.

“Shaw Media has been working with JUICE since they opened their doors and as a partner they are always bringing us market-first opportunities”, says Scott MacLeod, Shaw Media’s Senior Director of Marketing and Media Planning. “At Shaw, we continue to test the market with cutting edge media innovations that allow us to engage with our consumers so we are excited that JUICE can offer this platform as part of their many mobile marketing solutions.”

Of course now this means that the existing RTB players will also be looking to unveil their own mobile-RTB solutions.

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