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Majority Of Marketers Fail To See ROI On Social Media Investment [Infographic]

Here’s some news that will be sure to disappoint a few social media consultants, according to a recent study by Awareness, some marketers are finding it difficult to realize a return on investment with their social media efforts. To develop the study results, 469 marketers from varying industries, were surveyed, and almost 60 percent said achieving an RIO was a major stumbling block when it comes to social media success for their business.

Marketers are also quite diverse in how they focus their social media efforts with 96 percent looking to gain followers and fans, 78 percent hoping to improve customer engagement and 66 percent looking for increased presence through social media.  How do marketers gage success of their efforts – 62 percent of marketers measure the numbers of new customers gained through social media with 60 percent counting new leads and 59 percent looking at actual sales.
Facebook leads as the most popular social media platform with marketers with 89 percent of those surveyed claiming a brand page. Twitter runs a close second with 84 percent and LinkedIn at 77 percent. It should also be no surprise that more and more marketers are viewing Pinterest as a promising option with 39 percent of average brands using the pinning site and 50 percent of socially mature brands seeing value in using visual social sharing to reach consumers. Close to 25 percent of marketers said they planned to use Pinterest in the future, but of course even this social network has become a bit of a niche players as it tends to be used mainly by females.
The Awareness study points out that marketers are not yet equipped to take advantage of the full potential of social media, with over half of the survey participants having no budget in place for social marketing and teams of only one to three employees managing their social media strategy.

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