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Audi Canada Launches Online Tool For New Audio Owners

Looking for a way to help connect their customers through the entire shopping and owning experience of an Audi, the luxury brand automobile manufacture tasked their digital and direct agency of record BIMM with the challenge to come up with a solution.  The result is an automobile industry first called MyAudi Tracker, a real time customized mobile program to keep Audi customers engaged by letting them know the exact status of their newly ordered vehicle.

The tool helps connect new Audi owners by notifying them of every milestone: from press shop, to paint shop, to when the stitching in custom leather seats is completed, to the shipping location for each individual vehicle.  When new Audi customers signup for MyAudi Tracker, they can check in on the status of their vehicle from any computer or mobile device months before they get behind the wheel.  The experience includes exclusive behind the scenes content, from photos to videos to stories, all developed specially for each Audi.

“A lot can go through your mind when you’re waiting to get your car. We needed to find a way to turn buyer’s wait time into excitement. MyAudi Tracker is designed to be a voice of constant reassurance and to build anticipation. Feeding relevant content about the vehicles that is unique to every individual customer in real time as your car gets built, well, it’s really CRM to the next level,” Roehl Sanchez, VP Chief Creative Officer, BIMM

“Keeping up with the strong demand and increasing customer base has challenged us to find ways to improve the customer experience and make customers feel like a part of the Audi brand. We feel that MyAudi tracker will play a big role in keeping our customers excited throughout the purchase process,”  Alannah David, CRM and Digital Marketing Manager, Audi Canada

Agency: BIMM

Client: Audi Canada

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