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Sony Xperia S [Review]

The Sony Xperia S was a fun phone to play with and connect into Sony’s ecosystem of music and video content. Overall I did like the phone, but couldn’t see this being my primary device that satisfies all my business and personal needs.

It has a 12 MP camera, and 1080p HD video recording, 4.3″ screen with Sony’s Bravia HD technology, DLNA, Android Gingerbread 2.3.


  • Slim design
  • HDMI port
  • Memory/ Storage space


  • Phone volume
  • Battery life
  • Can’t upgrade to the latest Android OS (as a result, many bugs and crashes)

This phone came with 1 GB of memory space which gave me plenty to install the numerous apps that come across my desk, as well watch any videos files directly from the phone; and powered by a 1.5GHz dualcore processor.