Mirvish Productions Turns To Facebook To Sell Theatre Tickets

Mirvish Productions has partnered with AudienceView to use their web ticketing technology to allow consumers to reserve and purchase tickets for their various productions through Facebook.  This is a first of its kind for the production company (and the world) and will be offering tickets for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s new production of The Wizard of Oz.

“Fans of The Wizard of Oz are interacting with each other on Facebook and cheering on their favourite Dorothy as young actresses from across the country compete for the highly coveted role in a reality television series,” said David Mirvish, Producer of Mirvish Productions. “AVTiki empowers Mirvish to provide true social ticketing in that patrons can move seamlessly from our online community to the ticketing environment and complete a purchase without ever leaving Facebook. The technology’s unique ‘buy and reserve’ feature is especially appealing because it allows families, friends and fans to book seats together without one person having to pay for the entire block of tickets. AVTiki also makes it possible for us to reach a much wider audience, including the younger Facebook generation that spends a great deal of time socializing digitally.”

AudienceView’s AVTiki solution is a fully integrated Facebook ticketing and reservation service.

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