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Mediative Finds New Revenue Stream, Launches Mobile Advertising Network

It is no secret that Yellow Pages Group (YPG) is hurting these days, we’ve documented it here and here. However, there is some hope on the horizon, and its all about the digital opportunities which are lead by Patrick Lauzon, President of Mediative. Mediative, is a sub-division of YPG that was launched with a masterful play of acquiring a number of companies who already had marketshare in their respective areas, and together they serviced existing YPG customers, as well compete against other online vendors to acquire new customers. Why build when you can buy?

The latest play by Lauzon and his team is the launch what they call a “Hyper-Local Mobile Advertising Network,” which is a smart move and one of the last frontiers that Mediative and YPG have not put a strong foot print on yet, and reach consumers on the go.

“We want to help the industry shift its approach to marketing and advertising,” stated Patrick Lauzon, Mediative’s President. “Gone are the days of mass marketing and broad messaging. In today’s dynamic digital world, we have the ability to use advertising to reach consumers wherever they are and help fulfill their immediate wants and needs.”

With 20 million Canadians using smartphones and 72% relying on their devices for browsing and apps, this could be a huge opportunity for Mediative, and a great opportunity for the company to see into its existing based of YPG customers.

It is surprising they waited this long to launch a mobile advertising network, especially when you look at how crowed the space is becoming with smaller players also trying their had at mobile advertising.

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