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It’s Not Mobile Marketing. It’s Just Marketing at its Best. #ACA360

Micheal Carter, Olson mobile presented a session entitled “It’s Not Mobile Marketing. It’s Just Marketing at its Best,” at the #ACA360 Focus on Digital Marketing. He had some very interesting perspectives on “The Rise of Mobile” and why we all need to be thinking of how it will effect our mobile marketing strategies. Be prepared marketers!

Connection is all that Counts: People.Communities.Brands. OLSEN

A new marketing reality

  • Customers expect you to know them
  • They want it anywhere, anytime
  • And they are telling everyone about it -> would they recommend you?

A new marketing Imperative

  • Relevant value
  • Ubiquitous experience
  • Authentic dialogue

A new marketing agency

  • Denali Marketing – Loyalty/CRM
  • MyThum Interactive – Mobile
  • Dig Communications – PR/Social

The Digital Realm is Central to Connection and Community…
A digital minute…

  • Touchpoints related to digital
  • Digital personalizes connections and makes it portable
  • Digital plays many roles, on many screens:
    • Websites
    • Micro-sites
    • E-commerce
    • Tablets
    • Filmed and video content: webisodes, NOT doing tv
    • OOH/Experiential efforts
    • Social spaces
    • Augmented reality
    • Email

There is a need for strategic clarity

An approach to digital Strategy

  • Brand Anthropology – Community Currencies – behaviour Activation – Platform Mapping
  • Anthropology brings us to deeper, more human insights…SHARED BELIEF
  • Brands need community
  • Currency comes in many forms: useful, entertainment, Monetary, Information, Personal
  • We believe behaviour activation is the critical component
  • Business objective, desired behaviours – ACTION ACTION ACTION

The simultaneous convergence of three elements creates ACTION

  • Is it easy to complete action?
    • TRIGGER – What is the call to action?
    • MOTIVATION – What is the value to the user

An approach to digital strategy

  • Mobile is at the centre of activation
  • MOBILE (corporate, desktop, radio, print, OOH, Television, Event, On premise, On pack) – The connective tissue

The Rise of Mobile

  • Example: How many of you have checked your phone…during this presentation?

Last year, smartphone sales exceeded PC sales, tablets not far behind

  • 1/3 of Facebook users access it only on mobile
  • Mobile users will soon exceed desktop internet users

How many people have a website that can be viewed on a mobile? Not if it still has FLASH! Baur, Hennessy, New Balance – current problem
Web on mobile is not mobile optimized web

  • User experience is everything!!
  • We know a lot about a consumer when they’re browsing
  • More people open email on mobile than any other channel
  • Mobile users are hunters, not surfers
  • Mobile is redefining the retail experience
  • You can’t stop it.

We’re marketing to devices and to people
The devices changes everything : Mobile Device vs. Mobile User

  • Mobile Optimization-formatting existing content and communications for the mobile handset
  • Mobile Intergration – creating user experiences that leverage other capabilities of the handset
  • Mobile relevance – changing the content approach to suit the “user-on-the-go”
  • Mobile Context – making the actual messaging dynamic based on time and place (eg. Location)

There isn’t much today we don’t do without our phones
Marketers need to be ready…

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