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Innovating Through Performance Marketing #ACA360

Mark Fagan, iProspect, Client Services, Innovation and Strategy  presented an interesting session at the at the #ACA360 Focus on Digital Marketing. He was able to provide some insight in the UK market as well as express some personal thoughts on challenges his company will face in 2013 in relation to Digital Marketing.

Understanding the User Journey

  • The way in which people shop is changing
  • Customer journeys are no longer linear: more complex
  • Attribution is no longer “Nice to Have”
  • “Last Click Wins”
  • “Introducer”, “Influencers”, “Closer”

Understanding Data is key

  • Reporting
  • Dashboards

Hiring data people?

  • “Walmart Data” – the challenge is to understand the data, single data to combined data sets, data from past to current
  • Walmart is focusing on this

Key Challenges in 2012

  • Content
  • SEO – huge part of business, important to clients, keywords are expensive, how can you create useful engagement content
  • Data – create something useful
  • PPC – saturated, think outside the box
  • Integration – offline and online worlds

Delivering effective content in 2012

  • Built network in business to create content strategies,
  • An Effective Seeding Strategy is Key!
  • Views Per Day for Double Rainbow – online for months before recognized, not until Jimmy Kimmel tweeted it.

The Campaign Arc

  • Start – New Celebrity Collaboration – Launch
  • Make sure you are leveraging all parts of the business

Content Case Study – Shop Direct Group (Female Fashion Brand)

  • Weren’t delivering value in SEO
  • Key fashionista bloggers
  • Bloggers wrote on the event
  • Fashion Week – Tweet wall key, influencer in industry
  • SEO Success-13 terms ranking
  • 100 keywords rank in top 10

Innovation in PPC – ROPO

  • Online Research, Offline purchase, Test a hypothesis: 3% national sales lift at 4:1 ROI

Linking Google+ to Adwords

  • Autotrader: 100% increase in click throughs

Making Sense of Data

  • Audit – Analysis – Action
  • Data-to increase On site Conversations
  • Conversion optimization team – test out A/B/N

Integrated Performance Strategy

  • Bought TV space around X Factor, keyword in TV ads, Out of Home campaign, targeted regions where games run, media ads; PPC ads, BEAT RECORDS for sci fi DVD releases
  • Integrating Social with TV: Homeland and Prometheus Movie
  • UK Twitter tie up with TV
  • Tied to buy of all key ad breaks in Homeland series finale
  • Screening of full 3 minute trailer
  • Ad breaks before and after taken up with #areyouseeingthis