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Mobile in the Consumer Journey: How Mobile is Shaping the Future of Grocery Shopping #ACA360

Emily Taylor, Microsoft Advertising, Market Research and Intelligence Manager at Microsoft Canada presented an enlightening session at the #ACA360 Focus on Digital Marketing. She had some fresh perspectives on the future of Grocery Shopping and an interesting view on the influences of the head and heart in driving consumer activities; her session was entitled “How Mobile is Shaping the Future of Grocery Shopping.”

Background and Objectives

  • Understand how consumers are using this device
  • Partnered with Flamingo research for qualitative sides, emotional
  • Recent research from June
  • Canada was NOT included in this study
  • We chose markets based on the smartphone adoption curve: Brazil, US, UK, Japan, Korea
  • Ranges from tech is behind the consumer (Brazil), to where tech is ahead of the consumer (japan and Korea)

Setting the Stage: The Mobile as Lover

  • Smartphones represent the Lover Archetype: The Sage (Laptop), The Lover (the mobile device, cellphone), The Wizard (media tablet)
  • “Meet the Screens” research piece
  • Mobile is changing the way we shop.
  • More controlled, efficient: finding lower prices, finding stores, sourcing info and reviews, quicker, easier, cheaper and smarter
  • Mobile Couponing is Growing
  • Newspaper/magazine (second highest), in the mail, at the store (highest), email, through my mobile, through mobile through app or website
  • Over two-thirds of consumers make a list before they shop (paper)
  • If you create a shopping list, how do you manage it?
  • Only 10% stick to the list, 90% is impulse driven

The Consumer Journey

  • 1-open to possibility 2-design to change 3-evaluating 4-shopping 5-experiencing
  • A consumer-centric decision journey, and digital plays a role at each stage
  • Mobile on the path to purchase: Today *refer to diagram*
  • Mobile activities on the path to purchase:

RED: head and heart, being influenced
GREY: influenced by just the heart, feeling experience is easier, want to feel validated
WHITE: influenced by the head, QR codes, pictures
How can you adjust your marketing and tone to that stage?

The Head and the Heart: Engaging BOTH

  • Mobile retail is currently speaking more exclusively to the head.
  • Mobile currently more about: data, computation, transaction, Quantitative FUNCTION
  • Mobile currently less about: moments, connections, trade, qualitative EXPERIENCES

The future holds two key opportunities:
->Engaging the HEART
->Bring Cohesion to the shopping experience by connecting the head and the heart

  • Try a new product or brand
  • Make planning easier
  • Make the shopping trip more efficient

Shoppers want more!!! Cards that tailor offers, generates the shopping list, one central list, navigation tool, calorie counter

App-Spiration –future forward ideas

  • Grocery list, scan items into phone, phone generates list, in store navigation, in store taste test ENGAGING
  • Smartphone Savvy Paul – date, meal, wine and food, head and heart engaged, music “their song”, becoming more seamless

Conclusion and Take Aways

•The future of shopping is mobile-enabled
•30% smart phone penetration is high
•The heart of the matter-building equity of a personal brand on a personal device
•Engaging BOTH the heart and the head

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