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Marketing in Tomorrow’s Digital World: What you need to know Today #ACA360

Charly Pall & Jeremy Butteris from Google Canada presented an interesting session at #ACA360 Focus on Digital Marketing. They provided some great knowledge and insight on today’s current trends in digital marketing as well as offered some great examples during their session entitled “Marketing in Tomorrow’s Digital World: What you need to know Today”

How do we receive Branding?
Think Branding with Google

  • Connect with your customers in moments that matter
  • Life is made up of moments, Google wants to create and remember these moments (Wake up, 3pm Pick me up, winding down after work, spending time with my dog)
  • Millions of moments throughout the day to connect with consumers
  • The first moment of truth: first contact with product
  • The reality is there is a lot in between first contact and purchase
  • But before you capture intent you need to create demand, stimulus

Jeremy Butteriss, Strategic Partnerships

The evolution of video

  • Advertisers can target consumers and reach them in a way like never before
  • Consumers can be measured like never before
  • Michelle Phan – How to videos on make up and style on You Tube
  • TV Show: Style (700,000 viewers per episode) Michelle does twice that


  • 1980: distribution: build towers across the country, high cost of entry, advertisers needed to contact 100% of consumers
  • 2010: 100s of channels, specific channels, great for consumers AND advertisers
  • IMPACT: 75% is on these new channels, 25% on the old channels

Internet: YouTube
Cable, Broadbrand, Web Video
TREND: 2 billion people online. 90% of web traffic is video
Over 30 hours per month

  • More people spend time online than watching TV
  • More androids sold than babies born

Smart TV’s

  • 500 Million TVs will be connected to the internet by 2015
  • TREND: Emergence of global platforms like YouTube
  • 3 billion hours per month, 30 minutes for every person
  • TREND: Openness of content distribution
  • More cable channels aren’t launched then are
  • Democratization of content

We are going to live in a world of 1 million channels

  • YOGA and SURFER channels will come to TV, already exist online
  • MUSIC and Live Events, success on YouTube


  • Doing well in features they have developed
  • Celebrities live video, current trend/issues, sports, music
  • Hangouts: video chats with up to ten people, broadcast live on YouTube

Brands need to start thinking like content creators
Canadian Broadcasting Industry: Importers of Content.

  • 34 of top 40 shows in Canada are American.
  • Dangerous world for Canadian broadcasters.
  • Exporters: Bombardier, RIM, Cirque Du Soleil, IMAX
  • Need to move from importers to exporters
  • The Score now distributes content worldwide

Charly Paul

McDonalds – Answering your questions…”Why does your food look different in ads then in the store?”
J&J Band-Aids: Includes mobile applications featuring Disney’s Muppets

  • Scan with iphone or Ipad
  • Digital Advertising in Band-Aids
  • Distraction from getting hurt, Turn it into a laugh
  • Side effect; kids asking for band-aids when they aren’t hurt!

Inviting other YouTube stars into your content:

  • Loreal and Lancome sponsored Michelle, she created videos for them.

“It may be too late to be early…but it’s still early enough not to be late!”

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