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ACA 360: Focus on Digital Marketing #aca360

Association of Canadian Advertisers held their third annual digital conference today where they invited a room full of advertisers and marketers to learn about the latest trends, insights, advances and best practices in digital marketing.

The speaker line up included:

  • Linda Abraham, Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of Global Development, comScore, Inc.
  • Michael Carter, President, Olson mobile
  • Jeremy Edwards,Founder and Director of Content, Activative
  • Mark Fagan, Head of Search & Performance Media, Activative
  • Charly Pall, Head of Industry, Google Canada
  • Jeremy Butteriss, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Google Canada
  • Emily Taylor, Market Research & Intelligence Manager, Microsoft Advertising
  • Chris Williams, President, IAB Canada

A few interesting tweets so far…

Meli Beauchemin @Melibeauchemin – Touched on this a bit with VISA- but what about the negative backlash against brands like McDs re: them banning local chip sellers? #ACA360
James Clarke @jamesclarkeCA – Act like a publisher, not a brand. Content that provides utility to consumer is king! #ACA360 via Jeremy Edwards
Kendel Doyle @chrome_dreams – #ACA360 brands are acting as media sources. move away from creative excellence to creating consumer-experience-enhancing content
Jo-Ann McArthur @jo_annmcarthur – What is grp across platforms? Most folks have own convergence model going watching tv complimented by 2nd screen. How measure that! #ACA360
Meli Beauchemin @Melibeauchemin – Interest Based Advertising saves time for both consumer and marketer. #ACA360