Success In Content Marketing: Next Media #iabmixx

Guest Post:  Tara Kelly is a contributor with, she has worked with organizations such as Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Research in Motion, Mosaic and Mattel in various marketing capacities. You can connect with Tara on LinkedIn or Twitter.

Mark Greenspan, COO, Achilles Media Limited presented a session during the IAB Mixx 2012 conference, his session was called “Success In Content Marketing: Next Media”

  • Brands have always had a deep relationship with content production

What has changed over the years?

  • Proliferation of screens, interactive technologies and viewing habits
  • Democratization of content production
  • Democratization of distribution
  • You have to be a 3D thinker!

It means you have to build effective partnerships

Ex. Intel partnership with media company

  • Selecting the RIGHT media partner
  • Connecting with the audience, building community of fans

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Small Business Saturday

  • Devoted to supporting local economies
  • Used digital tools to rally support
  • Mom & pop shops included!
  • Fastest growing page on facebook
    • News mentions
    • Blog hits
    • Showed a 28% boost in sales

It means you have…to leverage all aspects of your initiatives

Ex. Monetize your mid life crisis – Snoop Lion

  • Leaving gangsta rap to reggae
  • Books, tours
  • Partners with media company to film process

Ex. Red Bull – Crashed Ice Sports

  • Created this live sporting event called “crashed ice”
  • Live event, fans all around
  • Partnered with Microsoft and Xbox connect
  • Created a video game based on this sport
  • Media company, “the making of” the video game

Conventional advertising does NOT go away.

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