Coming Wave of Digital Wallets #mmc2012

Session: The Coming Wave of Digital Wallets… How will Consumers Benefit?
Moderator: David Eads, Founder, Mobile Strategy Partners with panel members including: Marc Brule, CFO, Royal Canadian Mint; Karim Khoja, CEO, Roshan (M–Paisa); Christian Ali, VP, Product Management, SecureKey Technologies Inc.; Nicolas Dinh, Director / Product Leader, Emerging Payments | Mobile, MasterCard Worldwide

How do we get mobile adoption higher?

  • has to be a willingness to try new technologies
  • find the niche need, ex Square built a platform for the smaller retailers, for the hot dog vendor, people who had never really considered mobile payments before
  • we need to increase merchant engagement
  • we need to find ways to change the shopping experience for consumers
  • need to figure out a frictionless way to make mobile payments easier