Not Just Hot Air, WIND Mobile Surpasses 500,000 Subscribers In Canada

There was a time when the future of WIND Mobile was in serious doubt, but that was then and today, there is a new captain at the helm, and they continue to add new subscribers and take away from the current incumbents (Bell, Rogers and TELUS). WIND Mobile has announced that its service has now grown to over 500,000 subscribers across Canada.

“We’ve worked hard to get to where we are today and I’m so proud of our team and everything we’ve been able to accomplish together,” said Anthony Lacavera, Chairman and CEO of WIND Mobile. “The road wasn’t always easy but we are well on our way of achieving our goal of becoming Canada’s fourth national carrier.”

WIND Mobile started in 2008 by asking Canadians what they wanted to see from a wireless service provider by turning to a number of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter as consumers felt “empowered” to help create the kind of wireless carrier they wanted.

“I want to thank Canadians for helping us reach this impressive milestone,” said Lacavera. “WIND Mobile is a brand that has always valued the input of Canadians and I think we’ve done a tremendous job creating a service that offers subscribers exactly what they asked for – simple, fair and easy-to-understand plans at an affordable rate.”

Congrats to WIND Mobile, and here’s to Anthony for having the vision to come this far, I’m sure much like Ted Rogers, Anthony Lacavera will be honored for his efforts and helping to be a part of the changing Canadian telecom industry.  I still recall being there in the brisk cold with hundreds of others as WIND Mobile first launched.

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