Your Digital Mailbox Gets A Make Over As Canada Post Prepares Updated ePost Service

With over 7.7 million Canadians having registered with epost, and over 100 participating businesses it represents a big part of Canada Post and in turn large part of Group President of the Digital Delivery Network, Kerry Munro’s portfolio.  Canada Post announced this week that they will be enhancing the epost platform offering better design and navigation, enhanced tools to manage bills and an unparallelled authentication process that links digital identity with a user’s physical address.

“We believe that epost can play a key role in the growth of Canada’s digital economy,” says Kerry Munro,  Canada Post. “With authentication, epost extends beyond bills and can deliver more sensitive, evidentiary documents that require user and address validation while providing a more secure and efficient e-delivery solution for consumers to communicate with business and government.”

The platform will be unveiled first in Kitchener Waterloo, and then rolled out nationally into 2013.