Random House of Canada Launches Online Magazine Initiative, Ventures Into Newspaper Domain

With newspapers and magazines entering the book publishing (National Post launched their eBook line back in 2011), it was only a matter of time before we started to see book publishers try to enter the magazine and newspaper world. Last week, Random House of Canada launched Hazlitt, an online magazine that anchors the company’s new digital strategy and transforms the company’s previously moribund website into a new publication featuring original content from established and emerging writers.

“The founding premise of the magazine is that good writers, good voices, can make any topic interesting,” said Robert Wheaton, the company’s Vice President and Director of Strategic Digital Business Development, at a presentation unveiling the website earlier this week.

The new platform will allow for household names and up-and-coming writers a new way to get their content out the door, and of course provide a new advertising revenue stream for Random House Canada.