Blue Ant Media Shuffles Management Team

With their acquisition of High Fidelity HDTV now behind them, Blue Ant Media announced this week a number of changes to their management team that bring in some new players and see a few leave the media company.

Robb Chase continues as COO, Blue Ant Media where he is responsible for corporate development and will work closely with the Television & Digital management team in support of their efforts.

Raja Khanna, will continue on the Board of Directors and has been appointed to the new position of CEO, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media. Raja was formerly CEO, GlassBOX Television.

Jeffrey Elliott, Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer, GlassBOX Television, will be leaving his position with the company to focus on digital media and next generation television applications. He remains a shareholder in Blue Ant Media and continues to work with the company on a consulting basis.

Ken Murphy, CEO and Co-founder and John Panikkar, Co-founder, High Fidelity HDTV are leaving their positions.  Both become shareholders of Blue Ant Media, and Ken Murphy will be joining the Board of Directors of the company.

Vanessa Case has been appointed EVP Programming & Marketing, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media.

Asha Daniere has joined the company in the new position of EVP Business and Legal Affairs, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media. Asha will also work closely with Robb Chase in support of corporate development activities. She was formerly SVP and General Counsel, Score Media Inc.

Simon Foster has been appointed SVP Publishing & Business Development, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media.

Wayne Scrivens has been appointed SVP Technology, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media.

Frank Bertolas has been appointed EVP and CFO, Blue Ant Media.

Anna Carbone has been appointed VP Television Sales, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media.

Ryan Fuss has joined the company as VP Digital Sales, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media. Ryan was previously Managing Director, Canada Sales, Glam Media Canada.

Andrew Irwin has been promoted to VP Content Distribution & Partnerships, Television & Digital, Blue Ant Media.

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