Mayer Asks For 45 Day Plans. Can Michel Protti Deliver What Yahoo Canada Needs?

The clock is ticking and the first 30 days can make or break an executives career at any new job.  Well here we are week #2 for the newly crowned CEO of Yahoo, Marissa Mayer and she recently put some changes into effect.  Moving forward there will be an all-hands meetings at Yahoo in their Sunnyvale Headquarters on Friday afternoons.  Marissa also announced that food in Yahoo’s URLs Cafe will also be free, similar to the policy at Google.

Speaking of clocks, it seems that pressure isn’t only on Marissa Mayer, but she has also asked all of her direct reports for a strategic plan within the next 45 days.  Based on our calculations, Michel Protti is still the Canadian Country Manager, and a direct report to the CEO, so some type of plan is in the works.  We will most likely hear about the plans in September, as Yahoo is planning to host another Upfront around that time frame.   While Yahoo Canada may not make up a huge chunk of the overall Yahoo, it is still pretty important to those of us north of the border, especially the advertisers who open their wallets and trust that Yahoo can return value for their media dollars.