Rebellion Media Acquires Social Discovery Platform Jingu

Discovery apps are all the rage with the cool kids of late, no matter what side of the boarder (or in the world), startups are launching new services to help consumers discover mobile apps and social networks to add to their devices.  Today, Waterloo-based Rebellion Media announced it has acquired Jingu, who has created a mobile-only social discovery platform.  No financial terms were disclosed on the acquisition.

“The acquisition of Jingu brings a team to Rebellion that has ten years of mobile experience including being one of the product visionaries behind one of the most successful mobile applications worldwide, Blackberry Messenger (“BBM”).  We are excited for Jingu to join Rebellion both for the team’s mobile expertise as well as the million-plus and growing monthly active users on their platform,” said Ted Hastings, CEO of Rebellion Media.

Surprisingly Jingu’s solution is only available on iPhone and Blackberry platforms, but let’s hope that Research In Motion can turn that dark corner with the launch of Blackberry 10 which is schedule to happen “sometimes” in the first quarter of 2013.