SHOP.CA Partners Turns To AOL Canada For Site Integration And Media

SHOP.CA has signed their second (but very important) deal today with AOL Canada, that will help the new ecommerce player find more consumers online across Canada.  As part of the deal, will leverage the 10.5M unique visitors in Canada per month and over 24M unique visitors through the Network (owned by AOL) to help raise awareness of  A kick off a campaign that includes media placements, content integration, consumer re-targeting, daily deals, and even a direct link to SHOP.CA from the main menu bar has now been launched on the properties.

“We are excited to deliver media and custom advertorials through the sophisticated content integration that AOL Canada and SHOP.CA have designed for Canadian users,” says Mark Daprato, CMO at SHOP.CA. “It is a fully comprehensive digital interface that allows us to share SHOP.CA updates and online feeds with eager Canadian audiences. Working with AOL and their network specifically allows SHOP.CA to communicate with precise targeting and performance based technology.”

The deal makes total sense for as a new player in the Canadian ecommerce scene with aggressive plans to disrupt Canadians’ online shopping habits.  Of course the big questions is with integration deals with TorStar and AOL Canada, will it be enough to capture the attention and wallets of Canadians.