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eyeReturn Marketing Gets Serious About Online Privacy, Becomes First Canadian DSP To Join Network Advertising Initiative

Privacy “ain’t no joke,” just ask Facebook or Google who have booth had to alter their platforms and the way they do business thanks in part of the efforts by the Privacy Commissioner of Canada who has taken both company to task – and won.   Today Toronto-based eyeReturn Marketing announced that they have become the first Canadian DSP to become a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), an industry self-regulatory body for setting the standard for online privacy standards.   eyeReturn is taking a strong stance to uphold consumer’s privacy, and as such will adhere and comply with the NAI’s Self-Regulatory Code of Conduct.

“The NAI is excited to have eyeReturn Marketing join our body as the first Canadian DSP.  As the leading self-regulatory organization for companies in the online advertising marketplace, the addition of eyeReturn reinforces that they take seriously their obligations to provide transparency and choice for online behavioral advertising,” said Marc Groman, Executive Director and General Counsel, NAI, on the addition of eyeReturn Marketing into the NAI.

“We’re proud to be a part of the NAI. At a time when behavioral targeting is making tremendous headway in the industry, it’s important that companies adhere to a set of core principles to ensure that data is used in a way that protects users’ privacy. As a member of the NAI, which develops and establishes these guidelines, eyeDemand sets itself apart from other DSP’s in Canada,” says Renée Hill, President of eyeReturn Marketing.

With more and more groups and consumers of all ages concerned about the protection of their information it is great to see vendors taking steps in the right direction to protect Canadians (and anyone online for that matter).

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