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Day 1 Marissa Mayer As CEO Of Yahoo, Canada Will Be Impacted

Big news around the world, as Yahoo has appointed Marissa Mayer as its new CEO replacing interim CEO Ross Levinsohn, who replaced Scott Thompson who replaced Jerry Yang, who replaced Carol Bartz. Dizzy yet?

The intertubes are all a buzz with congratulations to Marissa in her new role, and people are happy about the Yahoo board’s selection with the 37 year old ex-Googler.  She had been with Google for the last 13 years, and was actually employee #20, and has done a hell of a job at Google over the years.

So what impact will this have on Canada?  Nothing is confirmed of course, but it is a safe bet that Ross Levinsohn, who was appointed interim CEO will leave the company within the next 30 days.  With Ross gone, many of the things and key staff that he put in place will also change, or in some cases be fired.  What does the future hold for Yahoo Canada’s Country Manager, Michel Protti?  He was recently appointed as Ross’ right hand being named  VP, Chief of Staff to EVP Americas.  If you follow the blog posts and speculation anything that Ross touched will be undone (or fired), and typically when a new CEO talks the helm they bring their own management team. perhaps Canada will have a new Country Manager – again. Or maybe Marissa will keep Michel in the role, he is a nice guy, even despite having his staff turn me away at the door as we tried to attend a Yahoo event back in January, unfortunately I had brought  some potential business for Yahoo with me.  I have a feeling they won’t be doing business with Yahoo anytime soon.

Marissa’s also due with her first baby in October of this year, congratulations to the happy couple!  Her appointment sends a strong message to the tech industry that women can lead a technology company, and will hopefully open doors for other women to follow.

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