de Gaspé Beaubien Steps Back In Zoom Media, Fernandes Out

After less than a year as President & Chief Operating Officer, Cathy Fernandes and Zoom Media have parted ways. Profectio caught up with François de Gaspé Beaubien who will oversee the company’s Canadian day-to-day operations. François also serves as the Zoom’s Chairman and Chief Coaching Officer since 2001 and Chairman and CEO since 2003. He has often been quoted as saying that Zoom Media’s future is “going digital”, which is something they have been putting more emphasizes on over the last few months.

When we asked him why the change occurred he stated, “I have tremendous respect for Cathy, this is my company. Here in Canada we have had growth but it is not enough.”  So what’s next for Zoom Media?  In the words of François, “Stay tuned,” but it does sound like his fire is burning and he will be looking to take the company to new levels and the company looks to 20+ years of business.

Zoom Media owns over 80,000 targeted billboards (mostly in North America, but with a significant presence in the UK) and has recently installed & acquired over 26,000 are digital screens.