Can They Do It? Can RIM Really Launch First Blackberry 10 By January? CEO Makes Hints

After their disastrous quarterly earning, the RIM team has been in damage repair mode after announcing another bad quarter, slashing 5,000 jobs and the delay of Blackberry 10 until 2013. Research In Motion’s CEO, Thorsten Heins has been reaching out to media outlets trying to get as much ink to tell a less bleak story of RIM’s future.   The CEO is also making some big promises, and hopefully they can deliver on them as he is now hinting that the first Blackberry 10 device might hit the streets for January 2012.

So will last week’s public relations efforts make a difference? We shall find out in a few hours as RIM prepares for their annual AGM today. We’ve already learned that RIM is not allowing any camera in the room as they give an update to shareholders who are eagerly looking for some sign up hope.