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Casale Media Bulks Up RTB Solution, Lauches New Supply-Side Platform

Casale Media is once again showing they are serious about being a leader in the premium content business.  The ad network has invested yet again into their technology solutions for advertisers, this time launching what has they call, “Index Platform –”  The new platform is a sell-side platform that powers programmatic selling and private marketplaces for publishers. Gatehouse Media’s private marketplace, adhance media, and Casale Media’s own ad exchange, CasaleX, have been among the first adopters of the platform.

“Publishers asked us to deliver a sell-side solution for RTB to seamlessly manage the somewhat disorganized nature of demand that flows through RTB pipes. Our custom taxonomy was designed with direct feedback from publishers and our platform is driven entirely by humans, providing a unique ability to guarantee the management of demand without error for our publisher customers,” said Andrew Casale, VP of strategy, Casale Media. “We’re increasingly seeing publishers’ needs go beyond what rigid platforms in the market can support. Much of our forward development is centered around flexible, customized technology solutions that fit directly into a publisher’s internal workflow and architecture.”

Index Platform delivers advanced control and channel protection for publishers, with full support for dealID, a new technology standard that enables advanced selling within private exchange environments.

Casale Media’s Index Platform Features Include:

  • Direct API integrations with 25 market leading technology partners including Adnetik, Criteo, DataXu, Invite Media, MediaMath, The Trade Desk, and Turn. — Enterprise-grade, white-label implementation of Casale Media’s core RTB technology.
  • Human classified creative-level management of the entire pipe of RTB demand based on a 10,000 brand, 55 industry taxonomy.
  • Bids-per-second (BPS) and bids per impression (BPI) metrics, among others, for publishers, with comparative RTB metrics on a publisher’s peer-group for benchmarking. — Full services technology team with experience and know-how in building custom solutions such as private marketplaces.
  • Powers dealID to bring publishers and advertisers closer together in an RTB environment through customized parameters for every campaign.

Index Platform is also said to compete with PubMatic, Google’s AdMeld and The Rubicon Project.

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