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73% Of Consumers Visit Retail's Website For Market Research, According To Mediative Study

Here we are mid-way through 2012 and eCommerce numbers continue to climb as consumers turn to “www” to make their purchases.  According to a recent study that Mediative, many consumers also use the Internet to research products/ services before they make a purchase.   For this particular study Mediative worked with as a test environment, the study collected quantitative data that helps brands and digital advertisers enhance their exposure and better target consumers.

“While click through rate is important, it should not be the only measure of success, especially for retail sites,” stated Mediative’s President, Patrick Lauzon. “Display advertising can build positive associations, attitudes and preferences for brands, and influence a purchase without necessarily generating a click on the ad.”

As part of the study Mediative also captured some information about online, and offline buying behaviours of potential Walmart customers, the results of which strengthen the argument that digital advertising plays a pivotal role in driving purchase intent online and at store level.

  • 95% of respondents research a product online before going to the store to make a purchase.
  • Over 43% of respondents had made an online purchase three or more times in the three months prior to the survey.
  • 73% of respondents say one of the reasons they visit a retailer’s website is to research prices.
  • If a retail website does not feature the products that the visitors are looking for they will go to another website.