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Canada's Newest VC, Round 13 Is Open For Business

After months of discussion we can officially tell you about Canada’s newest VC, Round 13 Capital.  Its brings together the collective power of Bruce Croxon, John Eckert and Scott Pelton.  Bruce Croxon, a judge on CBC’s Dragons’ Den television show and Co-founder of LavaLife, and John Eckert, a veteran technology financier and Co-founder of McLean Watson.  Scott Pelton who recently headed the Commercialization Fund for GrowthWorks, and well known within Toronto’s startup community.

Bruce added, “Our vision is straightforward.” “We want to become the leading technology financier in Canada and be the investor of choice for entrepreneurs.”

In the coming months, Round 13 will be looking to raise at least $100 million. The focus will be growth companies with proven technology and the potential to become global leaders in the content, mobile, social media and networking enterprise sectors. Round 13 will also provide financing in subsequent rounds, right through until a company has achieved global success.

The founders involved with Round 13 include:

Mike Alkier – Co-Founder, OmniLogic – sold to PricewaterhouseCoopers; Co-founder MapleMusic, Ideaca

Christopher Barnard – Co-Founder, – IPO trading on NASDAQ

Dave Chamandy – Founder, Darwin Dimensions – sold to AutoDesk; Co-Founder, Lavalife – sold to MemberWorks for $176 million

Paul Chen – Founder, FloNetwork – sold to DoubleClick for $80 million and Founder, Fortiva – sold to Proofpoint

Randall Howard – Co-Founder, MKS – sold to Parametric for $304 million

Nick Koudas, Nilesh Bansal – Co-Founders, Sysomos – sold to Marketwire

Daniel Langlois – Founder, Softimage – sold to Microsoft for $200 million

Haroon Mirza, Shahzad Malik, Faizal Javer – Co-Founders – CognoVision, sold to Intel

Ray Reddy – Founder, PushLife – sold to Google

Mike Serbinis – Co-Founder, DocSpace – sold to Critical Path for $580 million, co-founder, Kobo – sold to Rakuten for $315 million

Michel Vulpe – Founder, i4i – awarded US Supreme Court judgment for $300 million

We had a chance to chat with the team earlier this afternoon at their launch event, and based on the discussion they do seem to have the vision and passion to bring something different to the entrepreneurial community.