Cineplex's CineCoup Aims To Connect Consumers And Aspiring Film Makers

Film makers are always looking for new and inventive ways to get more eyeballs to their pieces of work. Enter Cineplex Entertainment, who’s latest initiative called CineCoup will aim to do that later this fall. The national initiative will tap into social and mobile media channels to create, consume and share content.

“Through first-hand experiences working on both the traditional and social marketing side of film, I witnessed a disconnect between how the industry operates, and how the current generation of content creators and consumers behave,” CineCoup Founder and CEO J. Joly, explained. “CineCoup is designed to bridge this gap by re-imagining the development, financing, and distribution of original feature films.”

Filmmakers who apply to CineCoup with a feature film concept can advance through a gamified application process, organizers describe, one that’s designed to develop and package their concept while building audiences early. The top teams with the strongest projects will be optioned for development, and one project in each language will be financed for production and receive a guaranteed release in Cineplex theatres in Summer/Fall 2013.