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Janes Family Foods Cooks Up A Storm With Digital Recipe Book

Ready to get cooking?  Janes Family Foods wants to help you, this week with the help of FUSE Marketing Group they have launched a new website that has been created that houses mouth savoring recipes. The site’s objective is to promote a feeling of fun and well-being around meal preparation and generate a conversation among its customers. The hope is that when people visit the website they will find everything they need to solve their cooking dilemmas and heave a sigh of “thank goodness” relief.

“FUSE brings a wealth of digital and social marketing experience, which delivers real measurable results,” says Linda Fox, Marketing Director, Janes Family Foods. “The website they developed brings a unique twist to our chicken and fish products by helping our customers use them in ways that are not only creative, but also simple to prepare and delicious. And, then they can easily share the experience with their friends, which is the heart of using the web to help with cooking,” she explains.

The website has a nice clean look and feel to it, and has an easy navigation system, chock full of recipes and organized in logically grouped categories with beautiful, expandable photographs of presentation suggestions. The categories range from Surprise Me!, to In a Rush, Give Me Something Different?, Craving Something Healthy, and Something In-Season.

The site marks the company’s first real journey into the world of developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with their consumers via the digital space. Potential future initiatives may include promotions, ratings and reviews, consumer generated recipe content, special offers, new product launches and enhanced sharing functionality. The site will be supported by Janes’ partner organizations and will be monitored through multiple tracking programs, which will include metrics and analytics.