2,000 Layoffs, 2 Executives Quit, 2 Week Time Period

Well things are certainly “unique” over at RIM, over the last two weeks the company has been faced with bad news, bad news and more bad news.  First their head of Sales Patrick Spence quit to take a roll over at Sonos, as their Chief Commercial Officer, the company makes wireless home audio equipment.

Then news broke that the company is planning a massive restructuring which would result in 2,000 layoffs globally that would cut roles in sales, marketing, legal and human resources.  This will be the second major layoff by RIM within less than a year, last July they had announced plans to cut about 11 per cent of its workforce, or 2,000 jobs.

That now brings us to the current news, as Chief Legal Officer Karima Bawa announced she will be leaving the company shortly, as soon as she gets her “soon to be hired” successor up to speed on the role.  Karima has been with Research In Motion for the last 12 years and is looking to retire.  RIM desperately needs fresh blood to run its various departments having people with your organization for over a decade can be a great thing, but when you are losing market share you need to shake the tree – badly.