Yahoo Canada's Country Manager Tapped As Right Hand To New Yahoo CEO

With Ross Levinsohn now at the helm at Yahoo, one of his first moves was to align himself with “his people,” and looks like Yahoo Canada’s Country Manager got a promotion in the process.  Michel Protti who already holds the title of Yahoo Country Manager (based in San Francisco), has now also been named VP, Chief of Staff to EVP Americas, a title which Ross once had himself.

Michel has a lot of duties on his plate in the past as he ran Yahoo Canada from arm’s length, so we should not expect to see him crossing the border anytime soon to get his share of beaver tails.  Yesterday Yahoo agreed to sell half of its stake in Chinese e-commerce group Alibaba for about $7.1 billion, with most of the cash going to shareholders.  With the ink signed on the deal, Alibaba Group will buy back half of its 40-per-cent stake from Yahoo for $6.3 billion cash and up to $800 million of Alibaba preferred shares.