For Facebook, Mobile Users Are Crucial [Infographic]

Now that Facebook’s IPO is complete and Mark Zuckerberg is a married man, it is back to business.  Then again, the day after the big multi-billion dollar IPO they acquired mobile gifting company Karma which proves that mobile is extremely important to the social network’s growth.  We pulled the below infographic from Social Bankers which might help paint a visual picture of the importance of mobile to Facebook’s future.

Facebook’s Mobile Strategy, The Important Facts And Figures:

In developing countries such as New Guinea (78%) and Nigeria (81%) having some of the highest Facebook mobile penetration in the world.

  • 54% Penetration of Facebook mobile (488 million out of 901 million users)
  • Android and Apple share the largest mobile platform usage at 19% each
  • iPad is 5% of Facebook mobile usage
  • The top 5 countries using Facebook mobile are USA, Indonesia and India followed by the UK and then Mexico