TC Media Acquires Majority Stake In Redux Media

TC Media announcd it has completed the acquisition of a majority stake in online advertising network Redux Media, a leading online advertising network. The company delivers over 12 billion monthly impressions to more than 80 million unique visitors in Canada and the US (comScore Media Metrix – April 2012). Redux Media’s Real-Time bidding (RTB) solution enables 5,000 publishers to offer advertisers maximum return on investment across 15 content channels.

“We are eager to start our relationship with Redux Media,” said Dominique-Sébastien Forest, Vice President, National Digital Solutions, TC Media. “This new partnership offers a strong unique proposition to our customers by providing access to Real-Time bidding (RTB), private exchange and arbitrage advertising platforms with cutting-edge network capabilities to better serve advertisers and agencies.”

Real-Time bidding has been greatly changing the face of online advertising and industry predictions forecast exponential growth in coming years. Offering new and highly efficient ways of targeting audiences, RTB allows advertisers and agencies to bid and purchase ad impressions in real time. RTB is a great complement to other digital advertising strategies such as reserved pre-paid advertising space, allowing for a maximum return on investment.