Facebook Goes Public, Valued At $104 Billion, How Will Canadian Team Cash In?

All of the hard work that Mark Zuckerberg and crew have put into Facebook takes a new shape this morning as the company goes public and he rings the opening bell on the Nasdaq Stock Market.  The company is valued at $104 billion, and stocks are expected to trade at $38 per share, which is quite remarkable as they have now amassed over 900 million users.  Facebook recorded a net income of $205 million in the first three months of 2012, on revenue of $1.06 billion. In all of 2011, it earned $1 billion, up from $606 million a year earlier. That’s a far cry from 2007, when it posted a net loss of $138 million and revenue of $153 million.

Here in Canada many of our readers have been speculating what type of win fall the Canadian team will have, Managing Director Jordan Banks took on the role back in May 2010, after  Louise Clements left the social network.  So how bigger will Jordan’s wallet be at the end of the day, now that’s the million dollar question.