Women In Tech, Where Do They Fit? [Infographic]

There are a few things that you can count on to occur within the technology industry, and one of them is the debate on women in technology.  Many often suggest there are not enough women in the industry, while another argument that we often hear is that women should be doing more to get themselves noticed.  Women Who Tech put together this interesting infographic below that women within the technology industry:

According to the compiled data, 40%of women believed that companies do not spend the right amount of time addressing diversity whereas 82% of men believed companies do spend enough time addressing diversity – it does reveal that women are making strides in the sector:

  • Of Harvard University second-year students who declared computer science as their major in 2011, 41% are women.
  • Fortune 500 companies that had at least three women directors saw more than 53pc increase in return on equity, and return on invested capital increase by at least 66pc.
  • Worldwide, 187 million women are currently starting or running a business enterprise.
  • In appears women are great consumers of tech, too. Fifty-five per cent of Twitter and Facebook users are women, and 60pc of Zynga’s social games players are women, according to the infographic.