Survey Says: 12% Of Young Moms Use Cell Phones During Sex

As we took the day to say Thank You to mom yesterday, we come across some surprising survey data that says 12 percent of young mothers use their phones during sex.  Are they texting, updating their Facebook status or maybe playing Farmville?  The survey was done last November and December by Zeldis Research Associates for Meredith Parents Network.

As further evidence, 21 percent of these moms use their phones in the bathroom, although the surprise there is that the figure isn’t higher. It’s hard to go into any public restroom these days without hearing those of either gender on the horn while they’re on the john.
Among the other findings:

  • 81 percent of Millennial moms said shopping was the No. 1 way they use their smartphones
  • They have an average of 13 apps on their phones, and two-thirds say that fewer than half of those apps are for their kids.
  • They have a “love-hate relationship with Facebook.” While more than 8 in 10 moms use the social network, 72 percent are frustrated by “all of the recent Facebook changes to its format and privacy policies,” and 53 percent said they feel Facebook “wastes their time.”
  • 55 percent of time-starved moms said they de-friended companies on Facebook, with “too many messages and ads being the No. 1 reason,” Meredith Parents Network said

A “nationally representative sample” of Millennial moms, with children from infants to age 12, was taken, and 1,041 complete questionnaires returned.