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Visa Goes For Gold With New Olympic and Paralympic Games Campaign

As the anticipation for the upcoming London 2012 Olympic builds up, Visa launched their latest campaign today where they invite fans around the world to use social media to “cheer” their favorite Team Visa Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls to victory at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“Go World”, the largest campaign in Visa’s 25 year history as a sponsor of the Olympic Games. The campaign utilizes popular social media platforms, along with television and digital advertising and usage promotions, to turn the passion of fans into online cheers that will help inspire more than 60 Visa-sponsored athletes (Team Visa) around the world, as they prepare for and compete at the Games.

“Fans are drawn to the Olympic Games by the awe-inspiring feats of the world’s greatest athletes and, in turn, those athletes are inspired by the cheers and support they receive from fans,” said Brenda Woods, Head of Marketing, Visa Canada. “Historic and memorable moments in Olympic Games history are driven by cheers. Our global campaign puts fans at the center of the experience and aims to unite the world in a global cheer movement to inspire athlete performances and spread the Olympic spirit.”

Fans around the world and being encouraged to create and submit a cheer in the form of a one-click cheer, post, photo or video on Visa’s Facebook page and can contribute to the global cheer by submitting one-click cheers on Visa’s YouTube channel.

Using Visa’s Cheer application (, fans will be provided with relevant athlete content based on their likes and preferences, offering a personalized user experience. For fans that prefer to cheer on the go, they will be able to submit one-click cheers through Visa’s Facebook page via their smartphones and tablet devices.

Team Visa athletes will also be able to view fan-submitted cheers through Visa’s Cheer application to help inspire them as they train for the Games.