We Are Hours Away From Yahoo's Scott Thompson's Fate

In what is probably one of the shortest tenures for a CEO of Yahoo, Scott Thompson is hours away from a decision that could have him continue as CEO or be fired from the job that he took over in January of this year. News has gone viral over the last week in what is yet another mistake on the part of the people behind Yahoo, which includes employees to their Board of Directors. ¬†When Scott Thompson applied for the role, he stated that he had a Computer Science Degree from Stonehill College, but as Yahoo Shareholder Dan Loeb pointed out he does not, and this has caused a flood of investigation, and Yahoo to come out claiming it was “inadvertent error,” which isn’t hold any weight as a credible justification of a mistake of this magnitude.

What will Scott’s fate and Yahoo? Will someone will get fire for this – yes, but will it be Scott or will someone else get “thrown under the bus” for a mistake that he should have caught from day one. One thing for sure, we can count on Yahoo to provide some drama on a Monday morning.