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Facebook Made $9.51 From You Being A User

As they kick off their IPO roadshow, Facebook has started hitting the street (ok, more like boardrooms) as they prepare for May 18th, the day the world’s largest social network is scheduled to become a public company.  As of today, Facebook currently has over 901 million active monthly users and 526 million active daily users who are generating two billion likes and one billion comments on Facebook per day.

A number of Facebook executives were included in a video that was shot for the presentation, Mark Zuckerberg added “I grew up with the Internet… The thing that seemed like it was missing was actually people…Even very early on there was this concept of what this could turn into.”

We also have now learned that It shows that Facebook has made about $9.51 in advertising revenue per user in the U.S. and Canada. Over in Europe, it was about half that much with $4.86 in ad revenue per user. Asia and the rest of the world follow that at $1.79 and $1.42 per user. We can derive that Facebook is just still in diapers when it comes to global dominance and market share, but can they figure out the secret sauce to tap into countries such as China who often pose restrictions on foreign owned companies entering their markets.