CBC, Rogers Media And Shaw Media Launch Triple Threat Real Time Bidding Ad Exchange

As we’ve said before, one of the things that is having a huge impact within the online advertising world is real-time bidding.  This new method of selling online advertising has made  a number of players launch their own solutions such as Casale Media,  24/7 Real Media, and even ad agencies such as henderson bas-kohn are jumping into the RTB pool.    All of this is happening due to the fact that RTB allows for the dynamic bidding at the impression level, in other words an ad buy can now have a different value set to each individual opportunity to buy an ad impression in real time.

Today, CBC, Rogers Media and Shaw Media have announced they have partnered to deliver a new Premium Audience Exchange (CPAX).  The network is scheduled to go live on May 16 and will allow advertises a better targeting solution to deliver more relevent ads to consumers, and they’ll open the new network up to advertising agency partners first.

“Together with our partners, Shaw Media and Rogers Media, we are excited to RTB-enable our premium Canadian digital inventory,” said Alan Dark, Executive Director, CBC Revenue Group.  “Through this innovative initiative, we’re providing increased scale and efficiency for our key advertising partners, and by working together with the agency community.”

“CPAX provides a brand safe environment that offers advertisers accurate targeting, transparency, cost efficiency, and massive reach,” said Jason Tafler, Chief Digital Officer, Rogers Media.  “With one bid, advertisers can access three distinct organizations’ premium inventory at large scale for best value.”

It is predicted to reach over $667 million for online video advertising alone, so not a big surprise that it has caught the attention of the major online properties.