Will AOL Canada Start Producing Original Online Video Content?

Yesterday AOL launched their AOL On Network, a online video platform where they will curate premium video content from across 14 different channels. Of course part of this will also include content from of their existing properties such as Techcrunch and Engadget. We all know that Ms Huff Po, Arianna Huffington has some big aspirations on how she plans to disrupt the media business and it isn’t a secret that Tim’s been in a bit of how water lately so the move makes sense. Its great to see that AOL has figured out how to monetize their existing assets but what’s next for this side of the border?
It wouldn’t be difficult for AOL Canada to start producing Canadian original content, hiring a few camera people on contract, electronically send the videos through Dropbox or other online file sharing service to their studios in New York and presto, a new revenue source for Graham and crew.