Paula Gignac Out As President Of IAB Canada

IAB Canada announced that its President Paula Gignac will step down from her current position, beginning September 1, 2012. Gignac has been a staple of the organization for well over a decade and in the role as President since September 2004. The IAB has played a strong role in shaping standards within the online advertising industry, and the IAB Canada has helped the Canadian advertising to uphold to those standards.

Over the years we’ve seen a number of organizations take part in the IAB Canada,  but over the last year we’ve heard from many companies who have opted not to renew their membership expressing a lack member benefits. The Internet is a very different place from ten years ago, and members are going to demand more and more value from their membership investment.  The rate of change within the Internet these days, especially with the addition of social media also means that there will be a much greater expectation to deliver facts and trends in a much more timely basis, unfortunately sometimes they come up too late and don’t have the relevance if they were delivered a few months prior.