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IAB Canada Releases Facts & Trends Report

IAB Canada released their “Mobile In Canada: A Summary Of Current Facts + Trends Report” which covers a number of key areas related to mobile usage within Canada.

Mobile In Canada: A Summary Of Current Facts + Trends Report Executive Summary:

A few key points include:

  • 105% year-over-year, driven primarily by Search and Mobile Display/Sponsorship
  • Almost 85% of Canadians are cell phone subscribers and 45% of the latter have Smartphones
  • Half (50%) of Canada’s Mobile subscribers are monthly Internet users, dominated by the 18-44 age group
  • Four top, monthly Internet activities are using downloaded apps (85% of Smartphone subscribers), browsing (76%), emailing and accessing Social Networks/Blogs
  • The most accessed Mobile Internet Content on a weekly basis is weather (18% of Mobile Internet users), followed by maps, news, sports and entertainment news
  • RIM is the leading Mobile operating system in Canada (33% of Smartphone subscribers), followed very closely by Apple (31%) and then by Google (28%). Tablet penetration rose to 10% among adults by Fall 2011 and is highest among males (12%) and the 35-49 age group (14%)
  • Canadian Mobile marketers believe that rapid Smartphone adoption is stimulating more Advertising Agencies to actively consider Mobile in their media plans. 2012 revenue growth will likely be driven by Mobile Search, Rich Media, Video and quality in-App inventory

Ads or QR Codes – which has a bigger impact on consumers?

As a marketer, you are trying different ways to engage with consumers, based on their data, mobile advertising is still the most popular way that consumers recall seeing a brand.

Market Share of Top-3 Canadian Mobile Network Providers:

Surprising IAB did not include thew new players such as WIND Mobile, Moblicity and Public Mobile, but they have provided a chart that shows the market share of the Big 3.

Tablets continue to grow in Canada, but at a very slow pace:

Are Tablets For Kids Or Adults?

As their popularity continues to grow, one of the next obvious questions is what age group is using tablets. The chart above indicates the sweet spot is those aged 35 – 49.

  • Canada is in third place (at 45%), and ahead of the US in terms of Smartphone Share of Total Mobile Subscribers; and,
  • Canada is in fourth place (at 49.9%), and ahead of most European countries in terms of Percent Mobile Media Users

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