Bye Bye 24/7 Real Media, Hello 24/7 Media

As 24/7 Real Media Inc. looks to a new chapter for the online digital media company’s life, they have announced a new name and brand as they switch to 24/7 Media, Inc. They have also announced the launch of Real Media Group, a new business unit which includes an alliance of publishers and ad management technology licensing.  The group will expand to offer a suite of products that provide buy- and sell-side clients with a full, 360 degree range of solutions to fully monetize their digital operations.   The new unit will be divided by region, and be lead by Ari Bluman, President, North America; Nicolle Pangis, President, Europe; and Jae Woo Chung, President, Asia.

“At a time when the digital marketing landscape has become more complex and difficult to navigate, superior technology is a competitive advantage,” said David J. Moore, the company’s Chairman and CEO. “Through Real Media Group, powered by 24/7 technology, our clients benefit from powerful digital marketing solutions without the headaches of software development and operating costs.”

The new branding will unroll in North America and the European markets over the coming months and the new website can be found at