Real-Time Bidding Spending in Online Video Advertising On The Grow, Could Reach $667 Million In 2013

Recently SpotXchange released data from a study commissioned by Forrester Consulting, they took a look at online video advertising spending, in particular the area of real-time bidding (RTB).  According to the results, online video advertising will account for 21.8 percent of all US online video spending by 2013.  Forrester conducted a number of interviews with various online video buyers, sellers and technology providers to compile the data.  In 2011, US online video RTB spending accounted for $190 million, in 2012 Forrester predicts RTB spending will increase to $387 million and by 2013, RTB spending will increase to $667 million – which represents a 251% increase since 2011. One of the driving factors behind this growth is the success of RTB in online display advertising. Buyers who have experienced RTB in online display advertising have been among the earliest adopters of RTB for online video as they are very familiar with the technology and audience-based buying.

RTB is still in its infancy, it has picked up quite a bit in Canada with a number of players jumping into the mix and offering real-time bidding services to advertising, including Casale Media, henderson Bas Kohn, 24/7 Real Media and The Exchange Lab.

Wikipedia defines RTB a “method of selling and buying online display advertising in real time one ad impression at a time.”