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SHOP.CA Says It Will "Revolutionize Online Shopping in Canada," Will Consumers Agree With Their Wallets?

It is no longer a question whether consumers will buy online, there are enough stats that validate which sites work and which ones do not when it comes to eCommerce. Toronto-based Shop.ca is making some pretty strong claims, staying they will “Revolutionize Online Shopping in Canada,” and while is beta is currently signing up Canadian retailers, and they plan to have over 20 times the number of product selections of any other Canadian online retailer.

Shop.ca Founder and CEO Drew Green had the following commentsSHOP.CA is built specifically to meet Canadians’ shopping needs,” says Drew Green, Founder and Ceo. “Buying products and services online can be a frustrating experience for Canadians. Often products and brands are hard to find in one place, unavailable in Canada, or shipped from US sites with exorbitant shipping fees and duty, and an inability to make returns.”
With eCommerce said to reach over $20 billion this year, Shop.ca’s timing for something new could not be better, but can it deliver on this bold promise?