Dairy Farmers of Canada Gets A Workout In Latest Campaign

“Milk does a body good,” but according to the latest campaign from Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) it is also great for post-workout recovery. Due North, recently created two new 30-second TV commercials for DFC titled “In Reverse” which features a marathon runner and a cyclist: the athletes are first shown as they heroically cross the finish line, and then the action is reversed to take viewers back to the starting line, then to the day before the race when the athletes drank chocolate milk after their workout. The commercials clearly reinforce the message that drinking chocolate milk today can help make tomorrow’s workout (or race) better.

“At DFC, we know healthy eating and an active lifestyle are both equally important to the health and well-being of Canadians and chocolate milk is part of the equation when it comes to physical activity and optimal recovery’’, says Claire Payette, Director, Marketing, Dairy Farmers of Canada.

The target audience for this campaign are athletes, men and women aged 18 and over.

The campaign’s spring flight launches March 5 and is supported with TV, online, OOH, magazine, fitness centre media and sponsorships.

Advertising Campaign: Due North

Media Planning & Buying: M2 Universal

Digital Creative: Twist Image

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