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Nature Conservancy of Canada Says "Let It Grow" In New Digital Campaign

Inspired by the new movie, Lorax The Weather Network and Universal Studios have launched a new campaign to support The Nature Conservancy of Canada up to a total of $25,000 Canadian dollars. The campaign was created by digital agency henderson bas kohn, the objective of the “Let It Grow” campaign is to bring new users to The Weather Network’s online properties by leveraging the star power of “The Lorax” based on the beloved Dr. Seuss book. “The Lorax” chronicles the plight of the environment after the greedy Once-ler moves to the Truffula forest and cuts down all the trees to support his growing “Thneed” industry. The Lorax character (who speaks for the trees) tries to safeguard the forest and the future.


“The Let it Grow campaign is pure Dr. Seuss fun! The interactive elements developed by henderson bas kohn provide a joy filled experience focusing on the community goal of giving to the Nature Conservancy Canada. Planting a Truffula Tree and sharing with Facebook friends results in real results for the NCC thanks to the partnership between The Weather Network and Universal Studios’ The Lorax!,” said Stacey Jarvis, VP, Marketing (acting) at The Weather Network. “These teams are bringing digital to life in the form of a 25,000 dollar donation!” added Jarvis

As users explore the Lorax-themed Web site, they are encouraged to plant a virtual Truffula tree for a chance to win a trip to attend a Hollywood movie premiere in sunny LA, as well as movie passes to see a pre-screening of The Lorax and additional tickets once it hits theaters.

“Raising engagement levels of The Weather Network’s digital properties is achieved by an interactive Web site engineered with robust social sharing and a strategic partnership with Universal Studios that creates the cultural connection of entertainment required in digital advertising!,” said Dawna Henderson, President & CEO at henderson bas kohn. “Supporting The Conservancy of Canada is a strategic success for all involved” added Henderson.

Agency: henderson bas kohn