Premier Dalton McGuinty Makes A Stop At Xtreme Labs

Yesterday, Premier Dalton McGuinty made a visit to Toronto-based Xtreme Labs, a mobile application developer.

“[Xtreme Labs] is yet another example of a fine, brilliant, young enterprise putting Toronto and Ontario on the international map,” said Premier McGuinty, reiterating the importance of job growth in Ontario, and recognizing Xtreme Labs as a leader and supporter of innovation.

Xtreme Labs is a sister company to Extreme Startups, a new incubator that we recently reported launched with some¬†serious Canadian financial backing. ¬†While he may not be as cool as other politicians we’ve seen in world, he is starting to pay more attention to successful Ontario-based technology companies, such as his visit to Huawei back in the fall of 2011.