Rogers One Number, Powered By CounterPath, Aims To Simplify Communication

Trying to reach a friend or family member can often be a complicated process, do you call their home number? Do you call their cell? Or try to reach them at the office. Recently Rogers launched a new service called Rogers One Number, with the aim to help Rogers wireless customers simplify the process of staying in touch. The new services is powered by Vancouver-based CounterPath.
Some of the features include:

One inbox and contact list: You can create and manage contact lists that are automatically synched between your computer and mobile phone. With Rogers One Number, you now have email1 and text messages in one unified inbox on your computer.
Talk and send texts to Canadian numbers from your computer, without deducting from your wireless plan: Seamlessly switch calls between your computer and wireless device. For example, customers can begin their conversation on their mobile phones and then easily transfer the call to their computer when they arrive home.
Use your computer to call any Canadian number, from anywhere for free2 with your existing Rogers wireless plan: You can call any Canadian number and send outgoing text messages to Canadian wireless numbers from your computer, at no additional charge. You can also video chat with other Rogers One Number users.